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The R201 is a popular mobile WiFi device (manufactured by Huawei) supplied by Vodafone which allows up to five WiFi enabled devices to share a mobile broadband internet connection. Vodafone 'lock' the device so it can not be used with any other wireless network provider.

Unlocking your Vodafone R201 will remove the network restriction and allow the device to be used with other mobile broadband network; such as: BSNL Etisalat, Optus, T-Mobile, BeeLine, Airtelnet, Celcom, Cable and Wireless, TalkMore, UFone, V mobile, Sun Cellular, Omnitel, Motiv, Optimus, OneNet, VOX mobile, GoSurfing and hundreds of other GSM networks.

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R201 Key Facts

Please note, this product is an unlocking service not the actual wireless hardware.

My R201 has been purchased as being new and unlocked from a Hongkong supplier, who performs the unlocking himself. Although it accepts all SIM cards, it is still netlocked and only sees Vodafone networks, even when manually configuring a different operator's APN. Will the additional application of your unlocking software still be possible, and will it finally also remove any network locks?
Admin: The R201 only has one type of lock applied, so either it's locked or unlocked. It can't be partially unlocked. When you insert a SIM from a non Vodafone network and go to the web admin if you don't get the 'Invalid SIM' error message, then device is unlocked. Check the R201 DNS settings are set to 'auto' and not fixed to Vodafone DNS servers (this is a common problem with the R201).
While my R201 has no more SIM lock and now accepts any non Vodafone SIM, even when manually configuring my operator's APN, it only sees Vodafone networks. Apparently there is still a netlock in place. Will your unlock service be able actually remove also this network lock, and enable the R201 to finally see other operators networks?
Do you know if i have to unlock the MiFi if i want use it with Vodafone but in a different country or will it just work?
Admin: The R201 is locked to the Vodafone network in the country that you purchased it. So if you purchased in the UK and want to use it with a Vodafone Spain SIM card you will need to get it unlocked.
Thanks for supplying a service that actually works....great job!
After the R201 is unlocked is there anything else that i must do to make it work with different mobile networks? Do i have to flash the firmware with a new connection manager?
Admin: You will need to create a new profile with the APN settings (connection settings) for the network you want to use the R201 with. This just takes a few minutes to setup and is explained at the link below

There is no need to flash any software, the pre-installed Vodafone software will work.
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