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We provide unlock codes for the majority of Huawei Phones, MiFis and mobile WiFi devices. It doesn’t matter which mobile network operator your Phone is locked to, our unlock code will free your Phone to work with other networks.


How to Unlock

Simply select your Phone model from the drop down list. We will then send an email with instructions and your unlocking code or automatic unlocking software.
Unlocking requires very basic computer skills and will only take a few minutes to complete using our easy to follow step by step instructions. If you do require assistance, simply get in contact with our helpful support team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't you ask for my IMEI number
We unlock Huawei Phones using a small software program that automatically performs the unlock. We do not generate an unlock code from the IMEI for Huawei devices.

Does the unlock work with my network operator
Our unlocking solutions work with all mobile network operators, from any country.



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