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Unlocking the Huawei E586 MiFi will remove the network lock that many mobile broadband operators apply to the E586. The ‘lock’ restricts the MiFi to only accepting SIM cards from the original network provider, meaning the device cannot be used with any other wireless network.

By removing the lock from the MiFi it will accept SIM cards from other mobile operators, including: AirTel, AT&T, BigPond, MTN, Optus, Orange, Rogers, Tele2, TIM, BPL, Mobistar, Megafon, Tele, Omnitel, Eplus, CSL, Jersey Telecom, Song, MicroCell, MTC Touch, NCC, Velox, STC, Go mobile, Hutch, DTAC and many others.

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E586 Key Facts

Information: This product is not the sale of the actual device.

My primary reason to unlock is the 3 firmware does not allow sharing of the SD card via WiFi. Once unlocked will I be able to install a firmware which enabled this functionality, and if so which firmware would you recommend?
Admin: Unlocking will not make any difference to the firmware you can install. You could try installing the latest E586 firmware update we have by going to . I am not sure if it will enable sharing of the SD card over WiFi.
Unlock router E586
If I ever need to do a factory reset on the device would it then become locked again?
Admin: The device will remain unlocked after a factory reset.
Thank you very much for your excellent support in showing me how to unlock my E586 :-)
do i have to use a windows pc...can i use the applemac to download and unlock the Huawei E586
Admin: A Windows PC is required to perform the unlock. Once the device has been unlocked using a PC it will work as an unlocked device with a Mac.
I know you answered Gary and said it works for any network, but i had problems with another online unlocker company who were unable to unlock the T-Mobile E586. Will your software work?
Admin: Yes, we have successfully unlocked the T-Mobile E586
Does this unlocking solution only work with the E586 from Three? or will it work with any network?..... i have one from Vodafone
Admin: The unlock solution works with all network providers, not just Three.
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