Unlock BlackBerry Phone

BlackBerry smartphones are developed by Research In Motion (RIM) and are a very popular handset supplied by many mobile network operators. Most BlackBerry's have a network lock applied which prevents them from working with other mobile operators.

A single Balckberry smart phone can have up to 5 different types of lock applied! we will provide the unlocking code for each of the 5 locks. Though usually only the Network Lock (aka MEP2) is required and occasionally the Service Provider lock (aka MEP4).

The unlock codes are unique to each phone and are generated from the phone's IMEI number and PRD number which can be found in the battery compartment. Once we have generated the codes we will send an email with instructions explaining how to unlock your Blackberry phone.

To unlock your phone:
1) Select the model (usually found in the battery compartment) from the list below
2) Enter your phone's IMEI number & PRD number into the boxes provided
3) Click the 'Add to Shopping Cart' button
4) Complete the checkout process