Sierra Wireless AirCard 763s Unlocking


Unlocking the 4G Sierra Wireless AirCard 763s mobile hotspot is a simple process of removing the network ‘'lock'’ that the mobile operator has applied to the hotspot. The ‘'lock'’ means the mobile hotspot will only work with the original network and stops the device from working with other wireless internet providers.

By removing the lock from the mobile hotspot it will accept SIM cards from other operators, including: AirTel, AT&T, BigPond, MTN, Optus, Orange, Rogers, Tele2, TIM, BPL, Mobistar, Megafon, Tele, Omnitel, Eplus, CSL, Telus, Bell,  Jersey Telecom, Song, MicroCell, MTC Touch, NCC, Velox, STC, Go mobile, Hutch, DTAC and many others.

This device is also known as:
- Rogers (Canada) LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot
- Bell 4G LTE 763 Turbo Hotspot
- Telus AirCard 763S 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot


We offer Guaranteed AirCard 763s mobile hotspot unlocking solutions that are Fast and Simple to use!

All the solutions we offer are designed to be as simple as possible to use and for the vast majority of customers the unlock goes without a hitch. On the odd occasion that help is required you can contact us or check out our support pages that resolve the most common issues and answer frequently asked questions.

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AirCard 763s Key Facts

Note: Please be aware you are buying the unlocking solution, not the actual device.

Hola, aún ofrecen el servicio de desbloqueo?
Can you list the steps involved to unlock. You say it is simple with basic PC skills. Can you provide i high level walk through?
Admin: If you can download a file and install a program on your computer then you will be able to use the software we use. If you send us your email address i will send the unlocking instructions we use for the 763s.
hi i have a "Bell 4G LTE 763 Turbo Hotspot" that device will be unlock factory as well ?? and all so im able to use with other provider from other country ??
Admin: Yes, the unlock will enable your hotspot to work with mobile operators from other countries.
Nothing for Mac?
Admin: Sorry, all our solutions require a Windows PC. The unlocking process is a onetime operation, so once unlocked using a Windows compuer it will work as an unlocked device with a Mac.
Hello Unlocked Dongle, I have the Rogers LTE Rocket and want to get it unlocked so i can use different networks in Canada, but i'm not very technical and would like to know how hard your service is to use, thanks.
Admin: the unlocking process is very simple and only basic PC skills are required. The software program we use will automatically unlock your hotspot for you.
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