Troubleshooting Huawei Phone Unlocking Problems

Below is a list of troubleshooting suggestions for common problems when unlocking a Huawei mobile phone.

Connect the phone to a Windows PC using a USB cable
All of our unlocking solutions for Huawei mobile phones require the phone to be connected to a Windows PC via a USB cable. The USB cable is usually supplied with the phone.

Remove the external SD memory card (if applicable).
Many Huawei phones have the option of using a SD memory card to provide extra storage on the phone. The SD card must be REMOVED before connecting your phone to the PC. This is to prevent the phone loading as a removable drive.

Install the phone's PC suite software.

The PC Suite is the software that's shipped with your phone and used for managing the phone from a computer. This software also installs the correct drivers, files that Windows needs to identify the phone. The PC Suite software is either supplied on a CD or gets installed directly from the phone when connected using the USB cable. 

If you phone doesn't come with a PC Suite software see installing Windows device drivers.

Remove and replace the phone's battery
a) Disconnect the phone from your PC
b) Remove and replace the phone battery
c) Reboot the PC
d) Reconnect the phone to a different USB port on the computer
e) Wait a few minutes while the drivers update.
f) Retry unlocking

Close the PC Suite software
Only one program can access your Huawei phone at a time. So make sure you fully close the PC Suite software, this includes closing the icon (if applicable) in the system tray (bottom right of screen) before running the unlocking software.


Check internet connection
Before running the unlocking software check your internet connection is working. The internet connection is required for the unlocking software to validate your account.


Uninstall software relating to other mobile phones \ USB modems
Make sure only the software relating to the Huawei phone you're trying to unlock is installed. If you have any other mobile phone \ 3G modem software installed please remove it and reboot your PC. Having software for multiple phones \ modems can prevent the unlocking software from correctly detecting the Huawei phone you want to unlock.

Close Programs
- Temporarily disable any antivirus, firewall or other security software.
- Close all open applications e.g. office, web browser etc


Check the correct manufacturer has been selected
When using the unlocking software make sure that 'Huawei Phone' has been selected and not 'Huawei Modem' under manufacturer.