Enter a Huawei 3G Modem unlock code

Below is a list of methods for entering a Huawei modem unlock code. All the methods require the Huawei modem drivers to be installed. The drivers are automatically installed as part of the modem setup process i.e. when the connection manager software is installed.


Using the code unlock utility (older Huawei models)

1) Download the unlock utility
2) Open the utility
3) Enter the unlock code

Note: If the unlock utility has correctly detected the modem it will show the IMEI number. If the IMEI number is not displayed then entering the unlock code will not work!


Using Mobile Partner (Huawei modems)

1) Install Mobile Partner.
2) Disconnect your dongle and insert a SIM card from a different operator (it can be a phone SIM).
3) Launch Mobile Partner, a prompt will open asking for the unlock code.
4) Enter the code


Using Windows Hyper Terminal

Note: Windows Vista & Windows 7 do not have HyperTerminal by default. Search on Google for 'Windows 7 HyperTerminal'

1) Click Start > Run > Type 'hypertrm' (without quotes) > Enter
2) In the window that opens type any friendly name e.g. 3G modem Connection > OK
3) Keep the default values, except 'Connect Using' where you must select your modem > OK
4) click Modify > Settings > ASCII Setup
5) Tick 'Echo typed characters locally' > OK > OK > Cancel
6) In the main HyperTerminal Window type AT^CARDLOCK="code here
7) Press Enter