Manually configuring the Access Point Name (APN) settings for the E586 Wireless Modem

If the E586 is unable to automatically determine the correct APN settings for the SIM card being used, then the APN settings can be updated manually.

Steps required to manually configure the APN settings

  • Connect the E586 to your PC either by the USB cable or WiFi
  • Open a web browser and go to
  • Login using the username 'Admin' and enter admin password (By default the password is 'Admin')
  • Click Log In
  • Click Settings > Profile Management
  • Untick 'Auto APN:'
  • Select New Profile
  • ‘Profile Name’ – Anything you want (e.g. Vodafone Profile)
  • ‘Connection Number’- *99#
  • ‘UserName’ – Your network operator’s username (Click here for details)
  • ‘Password’ - Your network operator’s password 
  • ‘Authentication’ - PAP
  • APN - Select Static and enter Your network operator’s APN 
  • IP Address - Dynamic
  • Click Save
  • Select Mobile Connection
  • From the 'Profile Name:' dropdown box select the profile you want to use
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK to confirm selection

Note: If the E586 Display shows 'Connecting' and then 'Disconnecting' repeatedly it means that the APN settings are not correct for the SIM card you're using.