Huawei E589 - Switch between network types 4G, 3G and 2G

By default the Huawei E589 is configured to automatically connect to the fastest available network. In some locations this can cause problems when the device keeps switching between network type and causes an unreliable internet connection.


To manually configure the E589 to use just one particular network 4G, 3G or 2G follow the instructions below.

1) Open a web browser and go to the address

2) Login as admin. By default the E589 administrator username and password are 'admin' (without the quotes)

3) Select Settings > Dial-up > Network Settings

4) Select Preferred Mode from the dropdown box under Network

5) Select preferred network type 'Only 2G', 'Only 3G' or 'Only 4G' and press Apply

The 'Auto' setting will enable the device to automatically switch between network types.


Benefits of manually configuring preferred network type:

1) Conserve E589 battery power by selecting an older mobile broadband technology. 4G is infamous for heavy power consumption

2) In some locations the older mobile data technology may actually be faster than the thoeretical fastest.

3) Preventing the device from automatically switching network types helps conserve the E589's battery runtime.