Configuring the Huawei E5331 MiFi Access Point Name (APN) Settings

After the E5331 has been unlocked the Access Point Name (APN) settings may need to be manually updated if the device doesn’t correctly auto detect them for the network operator to be used.

1) Connect the E5331 to a PC using a USB cable or the WiFi network
2) Open a web browser and go to
3) Click Log In
4) The default login details are:
    Username:  admin
    Password:  admin
5) Select Advanced Settings > Profile Management
6) Click New Profile
7) Complete the profile settings:
    Profile name: ‘enter a helpful name’ (e.g. T-Mobile Profile)
    APN:enter network providers APN
    Username: ‘enter network providers username’
    Password: ‘enter network providers password’
8) Click Save
9) Make sure the profile you want to use is set as the default


Multple profiles can be pre-configured and saved for any number of network operators. Simply change the profile to the default when required.