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Unlock MiFi

unlock MiFi devices with Unlocked Dongle MiFi mobile hotspots have become very popular wireless devices for connecting to the internet. They allow multiple devices to access a single mobile broadband connection simultaneously. What makes a MiFi especially useful is that any device with WiFi can connect, there's no need for any drivers or connection software. This means that smart phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, games consoles and host of other devices can easily connect to the internet.

MiFi devices are known by many different names, including: Mobile WiFi, Mobile Hotspot, Portable Router, Wireless Hotspot.

Why unlock MiFi devices

A locked MiFi can only be used on the network that supplied the device. Unlocking a MiFi removes network restrictions and offers the following advantages;

  1. The resale value of a MiFi will literally be doubled if it’s unlocked. This is because it can be used with SIM cards from other carriers in different countries, rather than one carrier in one country.
  2. Avoid expensive roaming rates – Some operators have been known to charge literally 500 to 1000 times more for roaming rates than the domestic rate. To get the best value rates when travelling simply insert a SIM card from a local carrier into an unlocked MiFi and only pay the low domestic rate.
  3. An unlocked mobile hotspot will work with SIM cards from other operators, which means you can shop around for the best data deals / offers available on the market.

How to unlock a MiFi

To unlock MiFi devices we use a small and very easy to use software program that you download and install on to a computer. With the mobile hotspot connected, simply run the program and it will detect the mobile hotspot and automatically perform the MiFi unlocking process.

The process to unlock MiFi devices is a very simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes complete.

Unlocking MiFi

1) Select the brand and then the model from the list below.
Note: The model information is located in the battery compartment
3) Click the 'Add to Shopping Cart' button
4) Complete the checkout process

We will send easy to follow step by step instructions by email. On average we deliver the unlocking MiFi solution within 2 hours of the order being placed.

If your mobile hotspot device is not listed below please Contact Us, as we often have solutions to unlock MiFi devices that are not listed on the website.