Huawei E357 Unlocking


Unlocking the Huawei E357 modem will remove the network lock that many mobile broadband operators apply to the E357. The ‘lock’ restricts the modem to only accepting SIM cards from the original network provider, meaning the device cannot be used with any other wireless network.

Unlocking the E357 will remove the ‘lock’ applied by the original network provider and allow the modem to work with SIM cards from different operators, e.g. Three, Bouyges, SFR, Rogers, Celcom, America Movil (GSM), Orange, Telefonica, Telia, MTN, BSNL, TurkCell, Maxis, MobiGSM, Movistar, TM Touch, Telstra, Optus, Djuice, 3, M1, Eplus, Crazy John, Manx and many other networks from around the world.

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E357 Key Facts

Please note, this product is an unlocking code not the actual hardware.

If the code doesn't work is there a chance that my modem will be damaged in anyway? I got this USB modem from the Philippines does that make a difference?
Admin: If the code fails to work it will not cause any damage to your modem. It should be noted that if you enter the wrong code 10 times or more the device will be 'hard' locked, which means it will only ever work with the original network operator that supplied the device.

It makes no difference which country or operator supplied the modem.
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