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Unlocking the Huawei E353 modem is a simple process of removing the network ‘lock’ that the mobile operator has applied to the modem. The ‘lock’ means the modem will only work with the original network and stops the device from working with other wireless internet providers.

Unlocking your E353 will remove the network restriction and allow the device to be used with other mobile broadband network; such as: Vodafone, BSNL Etisalat, Optus, T-Mobile, BeeLine, Airtelnet, Celcom, Cable and Wireless, TalkMore, UFone, V mobile, Sun Cellular, Omnitel, Motiv, Optimus, OneNet, VOX mobile, GoSurfing and hundreds of other GSM networks.

Unlocking a Huawei modem could not be easier with our Simple to use solution & it is Guaranteed to work or your money back!

All the solutions we offer are designed to be as simple as possible to use and for the vast majority of customers the unlock goes without a hitch. On the odd occasion that help is required you can contact us or check out our support pages that resolve the most common issues and answer frequently asked questions.

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E353 Key Facts

Information: This product is not the sale of the actual device.

Thanks for the great service!
I have this dongle and want to know if it works on 2G networks as i read on your site that only 3G networks are supported. Whats the deal? Also how do i know if i have a HiLink and what does it mean, thanks.
Admin: Not all versions of the dongle support 2G wireless networks, it depends on the operator that supplied the device. If you have a HiLink modem it will be printed on the device. With a HiLink device there is no connection manager software (e.g. Huawei Mobile Partner)to install. Instead a web browser is used to administer the modem connection settings
Is this the current Three Standard dongle? as it looks different to the one on the Three website. thanks
Admin: The new Three standard dongle is the Huawei E3231. If you type the model number in the search field at the top of our website it will provide a link to the E3231 unlocking page.
I have a HiLink version of this modem that i bought in Sweden, will the code still work?
Admin: The code will work with your HiLink dongle
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