Huawei E173 Unlocking


Unlocking the Huawei E173 modem will remove the network lock that many mobile broadband operators apply to the E173. The ‘lock’ restricts the modem to only accepting SIM cards from the original network provider, meaning the device cannot be used with any other wireless network.

After the E173 has been unlocked it will accept SIM cards from other operators, for example: T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, O2, Everything Everywhere, Etisalat, BigPond, Tele2, Tata, AirTel, AT&T, Claro, EuroTel, H3G, MTN, MTS, Proximus, Tango, Virgin mobile, Telia, SingTel, Megafon, Tele, Safaricom, BSNL, TIM plus hundreds more GSM wireless internet networks.

Guaranteed E173 unlocking solution that is Quick, Safe and Easy to use!

All the solutions we offer are designed to be as simple as possible to use and for the vast majority of customers the unlock goes without any problems. On the odd occasion that help is required you can contact us or check out our support pages that resolve the most common issues and answer frequently asked questions.

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E173 Key Facts

Note: This product is an unlocking code which is sent by email.

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