About Unlocked Dongle



Unlocked Dongle based in Dorset, UK was established in early 2008 offering unlocking services for mobile broadband modems and data cards. Initially the service was only available to a limited number of modems from the UK. Since then our business has expanded and we are able to unlock most 3G \ 4G modems from mobile network operators around the world.



We’ve successfully unlocked 10,000’s of 3G \ 4G modems, dongles, datacards and wireless modems (e.g. MiFi, Mobile Hotspot etc). With so much experience we are able to offer one of the quickest and easiest unlocking solutions available.

Any problems that do occur we can usually solve very quickly and with minimal effort.

On the very rare occassion that the unlocking solution doesn't work we will issue a full refund.



Unlocked Dongle is a trading name for Dunlox Ltd which is registered in England No. 07419734.

Our business ‘Dunlox Ltd’ can be verified by going to http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/ and selecting ‘WebCHeck’ and entering the company number or business name.