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Modem and Phone unlocking solutions

At Unlocked Dongle we pride ourselves on offering Fast, Safe and Guaranteed unlocking solutions for the latest mobile phones, modems and wireless internet devices.

Permanent unlocking solutions that will remain even after firmware updates and manufacturer resets.

All our solutions are guaranteed to work, if they don't we will offer a full refund within 24 hours.

We have successfully unlocked tens of thousands of devices since we started back in early 2008.

All the solutions we provide are easy to use and require no technical knowledge. If you do experience problems we provide a full support service.

Unlocked Dongle is a UK registered company and can be found on the Companies House website

Our solutions work regardless of the country the device comes from or the mobile network operator the modem or phone is locked to.


Popular Mobile Networks we Unlock


Reasons for unlocking

Virtually every mobile operator in the world applies a network 'lock' to any phone or wireless device that they supply directly to a customer. The 'lock' prevents the customer from using the device with other networks, which can only be a bad thing for the customer.

Freeing a phone or modem from the network lock has the following advantages:

1. When travelling local SIM cards can be used, so avoiding expensive roaming rates
2. Unlocked devices have a much higher resale value
3. Choice of the best voice \ data deals on offer
4. Greater coverage as different network SIM cards can easily be used
5. No need to buy a new phone or modem when switching providers
6. Use your mobile device in different countries